Professional Lawn Maintenance

What a Difference Lawn Maintenance Makes!

There is more to lawn maintenance than just getting out there and mowing your grass when it becomes too long.

In the Central Florida area, with all the heavy rains and sitting water, disease in the grass happens. Diseases are caused by fungus or mold and they attack weak, stressed out grass. When the grass blades become attacked by the fungus or mold  it stops the growth process, causing the grass to look bad or even die. You can first spot a problem by seeing a circular patch in the grass and the green color is uneven. You can also tell if the grass blades have spots on them. If they go untreated, the disease will more times than not, spread over a larger area.


A healthy lawn is the key to keeping weeds out. When the grass roots are healthy and strong, the weeds can’t move the grass out of the way for  them to sprout. That’s why we focus on improving the lawn first and foremost. There will always be some determined weeds that make it through after we have made your lawn healthy, however; we have the proper treatments to eliminate them as well. Because Central Florida lawns are so susceptible to a wide variety of weeds, that you need to stay on top of your lawn care to eliminate all of them.

We offer a variety of services in our lawn maintenance operations as well as specializing in property management for commercial properties (offices, industrial complexes, warehouses, restaurants, and homeowner association properties) and residential properties (private residences or rental homes).

General Lawn Maintenance Overview:

  • Mow lawn
  • Weed-eating / line trimming around structures, objects, trees, etc.
  • Edging sidewalks, driveways, and landscape beds
  • Trimmiing of shrubs and plants to maintain shape and overall health of plant
  • Raking of grass c lippings, plant and shrub trimmings, and leaves (seasonal)
  • Blowing of debris from sidewalks, driveways, street and patio decks